Chest Backpack Pet Carrier

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  • CONSIDERATE DESIGN: Fabric-covered elastic gives the pet some flexibility and gentle support. Leg and tail openings that are appropriate.
  • ELASTIC WRAP: Provides additional support for the pet's head and neck.
  • COMFORTABLE: The durable fabric with sponge padding ensures your and your pet's comfort.
  • ADJUSTABLE: The adjustable strap allows you to balance your weight and wear it comfortably. The neck elastic can be adjusted to fit the dog's or cat's neck.

Customer Reviews

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Carmel Schaden

This pet carrier is perfect for anyone who wants to take their pet on bike rides! The backpack design means you can ride without worrying about a separate carrier.

Edmund Haley

My dog seems so much more comfortable in this Chest Backpack Pet Carrier than in their old carrier. I think the backpack design makes them feel more secure and close to me.

Rosario Cole

I highly recommend this Chest Backpack Pet Carrier to anyone who loves to take their pet on adventures. It's comfortable, secure, and perfect for exploring new places.

Ethyl Schmeler

This pet carrier has made traveling with my dog so much easier! I love how easy it is to pack, and the backpack design means I can easily carry my dog through crowded airports.

Kevon Mayert

This pet carrier is so well-made and durable! I love how it's held up to long walks and hikes, and the backpack design is so convenient.