Cat Toy Scratch Board Sisal Mat

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  • NATURAL SISAL MAT & HEALTHY CARE: This mat is more than just a sisal mat; it is also a health care style for your adoring kitten.
  • NATURAL SISAL MATERIAL: To provide the best for your adoring kitten, this mat is made of natural sisal, with a stiff fiber that is wear-resistant, firm, saline-alkaline tolerance, and anti-corrosion. The mat will immediately enthrall your pet.
  • STRICT CRAFT & SKID-FRIENDLY: Each craft is strictly managed to prevent the mat from being damaged or scratched. As a result, the mat in front of you has a structured texture and is skid-friendly. It will not cause any distress to your pet.
  • DURABLE AND THOUGHTFUL DESIGN: To prevent the mat from splitting, the edge is locked to remain stable after your kitten scratches it. Furthermore, it has a skid-proof bottom for more stable performance, making your pet's playtime more enjoyable.

Customer Reviews

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Desiree Sporer

I love that this scratch board is so easy to clean. It's a great way to keep my home looking and smelling fresh.

Adrien McClure

My cat is a bit of a diva, but she loves this scratch board. It's definitely become one of her favorite toys.

Louisa Rempel

My cat used to scratch the walls, but now she only scratches this board.

Brody Larson

I love that this scratch board is so affordable. It's a great value for such a high-quality product.

Dayna Koch

My cat loves to scratch and play on this board. It's a great way for her to burn off energy and stay active.